*Updated 09/19/2012*

District 21 Merit Badge Pow Wow
Fall 2012

Registration Is CLOSED

We WILL NOT allow live (in person) registration…Sorry.

Please be aware we will be contacting the Leader/Parent/Guardian volunteers and assigning them places in the Pow Wow.

There were several changes this year….we hope improvements. But we recognize that it’s not quite there yet. So feel free to give us some feedback and suggestions.

We need volunteers for Spring.
It’s quite easy to become a Merit Badge Councilor—if you would consider helping out, that would be wonderful!

Remember: Dates for the Pow Wow: September 20th, 27th, and October 4th

Classes Begin at 6PM and run each Hour (7pm and then 8pm) Boys Must attend all three days, or should not attend at all.

$4 Registration fee per boy-- regardless of the number of classes taken. This fee will be paid in person at the event, and will be exchanged for your Blue Card.

Location: The Pow Wow is held at the Hillside Stake Center, located at 1400 South 1900 East. The Stake Center is located next to Clayton Middle School.

Additional Information:

  • Class size will be reduced to 15 boys
  • Registration will be $4 per boy, regardless of the number of classes taken.
  • A Leader/Parent/Guardian will be REQUIRED to attend with the boys they register. That person will be assigned to assist in a classroom or other function of the Pow Wow. (This means if you register only a single boy, or seven, you (or another leader/parent/guardian) will be required to attend. If you register 14 boys, two leaders will be required to attend)
  • Online Registration is required.

*These changes were made to improve the experience based on lessons learned from the previous years. We expect this to continue to evolve.


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You can contact us through our online form HERE:
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or directly at: scoutweb@twofortysix.com